1. Ryan say:

    Great comparison! I am not sure if you saw the updated information but Scaleform is now included for free with the free project anarchy download. :)

  2. admin say:

    Hello. Yes, you right. They have added Scaleform for free version licence. I updated the article. Thanks.

  3. Alex say:

    I think you made a mistake!
    Native Code Plugins Support is present on Unity free (if you are working on a mobile project!)

  4. Thoben say:

    Great comparison 😉 Another advantage of PA is mod support on the PC. Unity creates a closed asset package in the build step, so offering mod support like changing textures, models and scripts can be tricky.

    PA comes with a packaging tool, which is optional. You can leave your asset files, or part of your asset files, open for user created content.

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