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My own projects

Hook Wars Online. Free multiplayer online MOBA game

Genre: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA)
Technologies: C# (Mono), Unity 3D, Photon Networking, NGUI, Cg shaders, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, Facebook JS SDK
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS and Linux (Wine or Pipelight needed) (PLAYE HERE)
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“Hook Wars: Pudge Revenge” – multiplayer coop online game with RPG elements.

Pudge Wars is back – reincarnation of a well-known Pudge Wars map of the Warcraft 3 game. Now on the web platform. All you need is access to browser and download Unity Web Player.
It open Alpha right now! Don`t miss your opportunity to be the first!

Gather friends and crash your enemies in new teeth breaking co-op! Feel the power of almighty hook and backsword! Now it`s very easy to control and brand new graphics bring it to the next level!

There are two teams – Red and Blue. Each team has three players. The players goal is to kill as many enemies as they can for winning the round.

For killing you can use hand weapon ( hand axe ) and ranged weapon ( Hook ). Player can improve hero characteristics in game shop using money owned during game.

Player can also own some unique deadliest abilities from river boxes.

Slogan: Slice and Dice!


Hook wars Main manu
Main menu

Hook wars Main manu

Hook wars Main manu

Hook wars Main manu

World Of Towers

Prototype of Civilization like game + Minecraft gameplay elements.



Technologies: Unity 4, Voxel engine for Unity
Language: C#
Features: Voxel engine optimization and modification
Power zone system – area controled by towers
Automatic level objects generation


Unity Tutorial Demos

A demo collections I’ve written for my unity tutorials. Click on the images for play demo!
fog of war play demo
fog of war play demo


Box Runner



Gameplay video.

This simple game I have created themselves. The first game I’ve released.
Platform: iPad and iPhone
Technologies: Irrlicht, Proton SDK, Bullet.
Language: C++ and Objective-C

Low level Irrlicht and Proton SDK optimization, refactoring and bug fixing.
Implemented scalable gut system base on Proton SDK.
Implemented GUI loading from Qt gui data files.
Ported ProtonSDK to OpenGL ES 2.0.
Facebook and Twitter sharing support.
GameCenter leaderboard support.

Gameloft projects

Projects I worked on when I was C++ Developer in Gameloft Inc.

Six Guns.


I created gambling system: game play logic, quest, tool for designer.

Implemented new quests.
Implemented save file encryption system.
Improvement of in-app purchase game system
Improvement of memory usage.
Adding advertising systems.

Fashion Icon


It was funny work. It is completely girl game with fashion shops, dating and fashion battles )

Worked as Lead Developer and Unity tutor.
I worked on DLC system implementation
DLC tools
Adding new items

Real Golf 2011 for Mac


I worked on porting from iOS to Mac OS.
Implemented multi resolution system.
Improve shaders and graphic quality.
Improve ball aiming.
Implemented joystick support.
Implemented track pad support.
Implemented keyword and joystick key binding system.

Also I worked on projects:

Lets Golf 2
Dungeon Hunter 2
Star Battalion
Real Football
Splinter Cell

Other my projects.

Tower Defence

One of my old game. It is a tower defence game with new original mechanic. Some days I will rewrite it on Unity or some other advanced engine.

Game screeshot from windows demo
Game screeshot from windows demo
Game models in Unity
Game models in Unity
Artist concept
Artist concept

3DS max export tools in my own scene format.
Qt based Particle editor for magic effects.
Imroved Irrlicth shader system.
Added bump map shaders.
Low level Irrlicht and Proton SDK optimization, refactoring and bug fixing.
Implemented scalable gut system base on Proton SDK.
Implemented GUI loading from Qt gui data files.
Ported ProtonSDK to OpenGL ES 2.0.
Added new materials for Irrlicht.

Effect editor for Tower Defence Game


Use Qt and Irrlicht. Export to xml.

Fatality Racer

It was my first real big project. I was developing a modern Irrlicht based graphic engine with a lot of modern graphic effect for this game, created export tools from 3ds max and basic visual redactor on Qt. Also I added gameswf library for flash GUI.

Technologies: Irrlicht, OpenGL, PhysX, Qt, MAXScript, GameSWF.
3DS max export tools in my own scene format.
Qt based simple scene editor.
Flash based GUI using GameSWF library.
Low level Irrlicht optimization, refactoring and bug fixing.
Many graphic feature implemented: postprocessing, real time smoothed shadows, bump mapping,

Fatality Racer game
Fatality Racer game
Flash based GUI system
Flash based GUI system

Editor demo video

Gameplay demo. Video is not mine. Guy from our team made it from game demo.

Shadow map demo

Added shadows support for Irrlicht


Free driver

My first real game :)
I have got my first job in Gameloft thanks to this game.



Engine: Irrlicht


My 3D Art

bowl_with_fruits_2 head psp_viewport sword_render table2 tire Самолёт2

My 2D Art

Яблоко 512 Flowers colored Концепт 2 Юки_6 face 2 Мила Йовович_low

Author: Sergey Taraban