1. Andron say:

    Hi Sergey.

    Aseet looks cool, trying to use it in the current project.

    I have several questions:
    1. Is it possible to show the color picker section to the right of the “color picker button” and not above it?
    2. If there is a button under the “color picker section” and after clicking on it -> button will be clicked too. How this can be fixed?

    Thanks, Andron.

    • admin say:

      Hi Andron
      I am a bit busy now.
      About your question

      1. It is a GUI part so I thing it is possible. Just change the GUI code
      2. You can add flag variable like if color picker opened do not process the click.
      You may change the code as you want and fix any bugs you’ve found.

  2. Andron say:

    Hi Sergey.

    Still waiting for answer…
    I like this asset, but the issue drive me nuts :)

    Thanks again.

  3. litow say:

    Hi Sergey.
    Thank you so much for such a great tool and for offering to us on the asset store!!!

    Quick question.
    Im trying to enable/disable the Draw GUIOrder Color Picker component through API.

    Would you be so nice to share what the name of that component is internal to the code, please?

    This relates to this ticket:

    Thank you for the consideration!

  4. ahmad karami say:

    hi,Sergey Taraban dear

    Thank you for Color Picker
    this package is fun&Complete
    Again Thanks

  5. Hassan Khurshid say:

    Thank you for this Color Picker !
    i am almost new to Unity Development, it is quiet easy to use and understand, it helped a lot.

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