1. Evilcool25 say:

    Thanks a lot for this tutorial can you please post the source code, (the package file) and if possible make the fog react with sight of view for example even if “Person A” is close to “Person B” and “Person B” is behind a wall “Person A” can’t see “Person B” ?

    Best regards.

    • admin say:

      Hello Evilcool25. I’ve posted package file.

      About obstacle reaction it is a very complex technique. I have some plans about it so may be I will make a tutorial about fog of war obstacle reaction in near future. But I can’t promise you this.

      • Evilcool25 say:

        Thanks a lot for your answer, I understand sir, the work you already made is a huge contribution to the community you can’t imagine how grateful I’m.

        Thank you for everything, best regards.

  2. matt say:

    Hi there, I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for taking time out to make these excellent tutorials. To noobs such as myself these are invaluable!

  3. anonymous from the future say:

    In Unity 5, alpha blending requires the developer to set the flag, “alpha:blend” in order to use it.

    You place this in the #pragma in the CGPROGRAM section.

    Please update your shader codes if you see this.

  4. archie say:

    Hi Sergey, im glad you create this nice tutorial!
    but I just wondering… with this fog of war, what if we want to applied it on rts game which the player is dynamically added and remove.
    because in shader code there is only 3 player who can reveal the fog right?


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